Why does it hurt for gay men to have sex

For many of these guys, they say it is opportunity for sexual release and they can engage in more kinky and fetish-type sexual acts that they cannot readily find amongst women. And this is where the pain begins.

Yes, it did hurt, but that sort of enhanced things in a way. Once in a while you meet someone that doesn't like it no matter what

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  • Now, I understand that some people have suggested that proper relaxation is necessary - granted, but my pain happened despite of that.
  • I should know, my husband is very macho but I am not the bottom.
  • It will be heaps better that way. By that I mean after the sex is over, your butt is gonna sting for awhile but it'll go away soon.
  • This is why you want to be the one controlling the speed and depth of penetration.
  • I tried to bottom a couple of times, but I couldn't go through with it.
  • Image via iStock. It was just burning for you, A Man?

Lethe Press. Oil-based lube and products can break down latex condoms and make them less effective. Lubricant is used by McGraw-Hill International. Sexual Health.

Why does it hurt for gay men to have sex
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