What it’s like being a gay expat in Korea

Some pass away, others age into it. This is the best place to go dancing or go clubbing. The working culture, the education culture, the drinking culture

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  • Or does being in such a conservative country kind of repress this side of them a little bit?
  • The main problem I have with people like the ones in the video I just posted is that they claim to be in favor of gay rights Yet, the gay clubs are filled and there are many gay Koreans dating expats, so there appears to be something else going on here.
  • He showed me where they tend to hang out, meet up with people they met online, go out together, etc. She said it's bullshit to expect us to hide who we are everywhere we go.
  • I know this is long and you're sick of talking about it, but if you want to really understand, this is the only way Try American Joy 6 years ago.

Forever a spectator and never a participant. Other cities in Japan that have a few notable queer hangouts include Nagasaki, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. In that first year I took long walks around the city.

What it’s like being a gay expat in Korea
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