So how much gay travel is there in Morocco

Why or why not? They are the first choice for those seeking an authentic experience in style. Alcohol, Drugs, and Parties? More and more people are visiting Morocco every year. Below you can see what is usually a crowded marketplace is deserted. Best Places to Stay in Morocco.

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  • Report inappropriate content. When one is arrested in Morocco for a suspected homosexual act, their name becomes publicized outing the individual regardless as to whether they are homosexual or not.
  • Best to keep these handy in your day pack on a gay tour of Morocco. Best Gay Bars There are no gay bars in Morocco.

And many a tourist go trigger happy with their SLRs. So how much gay travel is there in Morocco? Disclaimer: Out Adventures is not liable for inaccuracies in the above information. And remember, the stunning destinations at the end of the ride are well worth any leg cramps. That said, holding hands — even between two men or two women usually heterosexual — is completely normal.

So how much gay travel is there in Morocco
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