Gay tourists and retirees in Latin America

Argentina hosts first gay marriage in Latin America

We spent almost 2 years travelling in Latin America from Mexico all the way down to Patagonia. I have been travelling to Malaysia for many dozens of years,and although Kuala Lumpur a federal capitol is tolerant trendy and happily decadent,once you travel to other parts of Malaysia particularly North,although nothing is said and the locals are polite,it is a Country under Islamic rule.

Yes, the country has had a turbulent history, but over the past decade, it has undergone a massive transition to not only become one of the safest places to visit in Latin America, it's also become one of the pioneers of LGBTQ friendly legislation. Women in particular have found the community very accepting.

While several European countries have passed equal rights for gays, Spain remains a top travel destination for gay individuals who come for the high-energy nightlife as well as the historical and cultural richness not to mention the near-perfect climate and beaches.

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  • Felipe Meneses. Enforcement of these laws varies.
  • Valerie Fortney Schneider — IL Italy Correspondent Predominantly Catholic Italy may seem conservative on the surface, but acceptance has risen dramatically in recent years, along with pride marches and civil union reception catering.
  • From our travels in Latin America, we found the Uruguayans to overall be the most accepting, tolerant and gay friendly.
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  • However, this should change in the coming year. Seemed like a charming colonial town with lots of history.
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  • In , Panama ruled that transgender citizens who had undergone sex assignment surgery could change their legal gender on birth certificates. Obviously it was worth it for people to travel to foreign countries.
gay tourists and retirees in Latin America

France legalized same-sex marriage in and was the first country in the world to de-list transgender identification as a mental illness. This is Mexico. He left his lawyer days behind to work full time on Nomadic Boys with his husband Sebastien. There's good news in that category. We love Buenos Aires for so many reasons.

Gay tourists and retirees in Latin America
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