Gay people is wrong

No one should be mean to them, but it's now at a stage that they are very mean to young people who haven't done anything to them, making straight kids go to school with them and take a back seat to everything now, and declare they are normal and fight about morals, religion, God, ect, all because they want to be declared normal when they aren't and will never be.

It doesnt necessarily mean gay is bad. Allan November 4, There is a gay senior that is tortured by the football players at my school and the school board won't do a thing about it, which is inhumane. They became that way through a series of their own poor choices.

And if every guys becomes gay, please don't let that happen, then no more kids will be produced and humanity will be extinct. This is a regularly used ploy.

Gay Men s Coffee Meetup

gay people is wrong

Pope Benedict XVI , then the leader of the Roman Catholic Church stated that "protecting" humanity from homosexuality was just as important as saving the world from climate change and that all relationships beyond traditional heterosexual ones are a "destruction of God's work.

Anonymous July 1st, am. It strove to ban public kissing between people of the same sex. Some people might tell you its wrong but its not they just don't understand.

Gay people is wrong
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