Data indicate that notions about gay fathers compensatory behavior

Two of the six males identified themselves as gay, 1 female said she was bisexual, and the remainder of the women reported they were heterosexual. Maternal interactions and self reports related to attachment classifications at 4.

Developmental Psychology. The more positive outcomes for gay father families in terms of parental well-being and parent—child relationships may be associated with characteristics of the parents or of the children. As these figures apply to children of all ages, it appears that our samples of 41 gay father and 40 lesbian mother families comprise a large proportion of the eligible gay father and lesbian mother families in the United Kingdom with an adopted child aged 4—8 years.

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Evolution and Human Behavior — Post-hoc comparisons using the Tukey HSD test indicated that gay men had significantly lower anxiety and negative social exchange mean scores than both lesbian women and TGNC adults. Consequently, a series of filters and statistical operations was employed to remove inaccurate respondents and confounding effects.

In the last two decades, researchers have begun to clarify the male homosexual conundrum. Contrary to the predictions of the X-chromosome linkage hypothesis, King et al. Overdominance In , King and colleagues [32] proposed different conclusions while investigating a large British clinical sample.

Data indicate that notions about gay fathers compensatory behavior
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