And probably the most popular gay bar in the

Photo courtesy of Cafe Intime. Looks like you lose again, Walter Martin. Another veteran of the gay scene, downtown Cosy Bar is a great place to meet locals. Vela Bar. It feels a lot like attending a house party, made even more realistic because or the mismatched furniture and glass cases displaying LGBTQ products for sale.

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Australia New Zealand. Neumann 17 June May 21, Most famously, Melbourne 's Peel Hotel was granted an exemption from Australia's Equal Opportunities Act by a state tribunal, on the grounds that the exemption was needed to prevent "sexually-based insults and violence" aimed at the pub's patrons.

Like most bars and pubs, gay bars range in size from the small, five-seat bars of Tokyo to large, multi-story clubs with several distinct areas and more than one dance floor.

And probably the most popular gay bar in the
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