A closeted gay spouse

But a strange thing happened in the midst of all of my pain, anger and humiliation after finding out I was married to a gay man. When I first discovered that I was married to a gay man, I hit the internet searching for help, hope, explanation, answers, stories, remedies…anything.

Sometimes when it comes to your sexuality, and the impact of this discovery on you, there is seldom any acknowledgement or affirmation. October 16, at pm Uncategorized. Every possible path to the relationship we knew is blocked.

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  • The loss of a happy marriage in later life may be experienced akin to a spousal bereavement, with associated rates of depressive symptoms, especially for those who value their marital identity [ 19 , 20 ]. J Affect Disord.
  • And what do we say to the heterosexual ex spouses who leave the closet when the gay spouse remains in it? Gander AM.
  • While most positive growth was gleaned from self-reflection and self-action, supportive friends and family members played a large part in sustaining the participants during their more difficult times. Similar positive health benefits are reflected in the literature on social and therapeutic support, with reductions cited in distorted thinking and conflict [ 46 , 47 ].
  • Your husband must be in a bit of disbelief of where his life is at, and he must be scared about his diagnosis.

I doubt he ever will. I compromised and so did he. Table 2 Superordinate and subordinate themes.

A closeted gay spouse
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