So: Just how gay is Rocketman

So, is there any possibility that Bell could reprise that quiet role in a Bernie Taupin biopic? Yahoo Entertainment. But Taupin explains that — just as it is depicted in the movie — the potentially awkward encounter left him totally unfazed. She wasn't a product of that geographical location.

I've certainly had my demons in the day, but I was always an observer and a sponge, as opposed to being an upfront, boisterous character. However, maybe you did recognize year-old Welsh actor Taron Egerton in the role, even if you weren't sure where you'd seen him before.

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So: Just how gay is Rocketman

I liked the idea of them having a film and an autobiography, where I was honest. Lots of people told me I was insane to allow that documentary to be released, but I loved it, because it was truthful. The significance of this cannot be understated. Rocketman David Furnish features. More From Movies.

Neither of us can write if the other is in the room.

So: Just how gay is Rocketman
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