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For those of us still in the closet, that search could help narrow down candidates if you are looking for a confidant. Submit Content. Google Play. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Accessibility help.

Our currently weekly threads are:. Now, as a recent college graduate who has been out for over 3 years I am discovering all the problems with having no gay friends.

One of our favourite gay Author: Stefan Arestis

  • The small-scale survey indicates that people who believe they have discreet online habits may still be making personal information about themselves public. Jernigan and Mistree say they are attempting to get their study, titled Gaydar, published in a scientific journal.
  • In total the researchers ran their software on people who did not disclose their sexual orientation on their profiles, but it failed to accurately identify lesbians or bisexuals of either gender.
  • For example, one user deactivated his Facebook account and reactivated it halfway through our data collection process. Because the data were collected over a period of about two weeks, we do not have an instant snapshot of the Facebook social network.

Note: Sex and sexual orientation are self—reported. Future extensions of this work need not be limited to Facebook and could be applied to telephone call records or even e—mail transactions, as those communications rely on social connections. Consider that children on the playground segregate themselves based on sex: six—year olds favor playing with same—sex playmates in a ratio of [ 3 ].

See more of Gay friends on Facebook
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