Research to date suggests that lesbian and gay couples fare

Here, we show how a method of analyzing temporal patterns in citation networks can be used to assess the state of social scientific literature as a means to inform just such a question. Controlling for family disruptions, those children showed no significant differences from their peers in school outcomes.

The aim of this review was to note that the strengths and weaknesses of prior research and offer a scientific assessment of what can and cannot be concluded from the evidence. The literature includes many studies, over forty in the last ten years, employing a wide spectrum of approaches.

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Open in a separate window. Further, home-school partnerships were not differentially important for children with same-sex parents. In many ways, children of lesbian or gay parents have similar experiences of family life compared with children in heterosexual families.

Parent practices and home-school partnerships: a differential effect for children with same-sex coupled parents? Findings from a longitudinal study of lesbian families.

Research to date suggests that lesbian and gay couples fare
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