Mykonos is by far the top among the gay islands

I've been to Mykonos twice before, but it was close to 20 years ago, so just trying to figure it out as I know its all very different at this point. This wind here is very strong, making it ideal for windsurfers. It draws an overwhelmingly hetero crowd, so if you don't like being around gays it would definitely be a better choice for you than Elia.

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  • There are photos of both beaches in my online album at the following link: www. Destination Expert for Mykonos.
  • Which ferry and how do I buy the tickets? Mykonos 5 Best Island in the World.
  • M ost beaches in Mykonos are gay-friendly, and for years the gay sun worshipers have flocked to Paradise and Super Paradise, before moving to Elia, which is now THE gay beach on the island.
  • Basically just by stepping out of the hotel property and wandering around the nearby area, you will experience a beautiful Greek island beach as well as the Greek Island "feeling" I'm sure you're hoping to find.
  • Sprawling beaches, rolling waves and untouched pockets of wilderness are all credentials accredited to the best islands in the world.

There are tons of places to visit within a short drive or bus ride of Athens, as well as farther afield on mainland Greece , that will offer you an even more authentic "Greek experience" than Mykonos will. Can you please tell me about the walking path between the five beaches mentioned in this post?

Donny B 8, forum posts. You will see other beaches on Mykonos, including Kalo Livadi , as well as nearby islands and the gorgeous Aegean Sea stretching to the horizon.

Mykonos is by far the top among the gay islands
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