Jurisdictions in family law relevant to lesbian and gay parents

The nonsensical nature of the legislation in jurisdictions where same-sex couples are ineligible to adopt children has been demonstrated in the Victorian decision of AB v Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission and Department of Human Services Contemporary issues in child protection intake, referral and family support While the parameters of parenting orders are extensive, they are not as far-reaching as legal parentage - they terminate when the child turns 18 and do not grant parental status as such.

The scope of s 60H is limited to a child having two parents and thus does not cover situations where parties may agree that the child has three or even four parents. The Commonwealth Government is primarily entitled to legislate in respect of specific topics set out in sections 51 and 52 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act the Constitution.

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jurisdictions in family law relevant to lesbian and gay parents

Congratulations on the pregnancy. April Social Science Research. It is timely to look at the parenting provisions in the Family Law Act in the context of same-sex parenting and to ask the question: what should our notion of parenthood be?

This model is not unique to same-sex families, but grows out of legal and social movements that afford recognition to a broad range of non-normative family structures. Retrieved 28 March

Jurisdictions in family law relevant to lesbian and gay parents
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