Happened gay know

Then they came up with other "upgrades" which were really downgrades in reality; the whole thing went to hell after that. Now, some consider it a "hip" online destination, but I think that's mainly a result of its perceived exclusivity and relative difficulty of access.

All of those options are gone now. Searches Related to "didn't know". It was bad enough when gay. Guess it's time is over.

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  • So to chat you have to either just private chat, or send and email to them and go back and forth like that.
  • Number of people in the room is limited and they can fill up quite fast for free members, paid members don't have a limit.
  • No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. They're fucking broke due to mismanagement and all those idiotic mergers.
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  • It was bad enough when gay. Wont be long before it's totally dead there.
  • So glad I didn't! Do they want to be just a gay version of Match.
Happened gay know

File a complaint with a government agency. Compensation for emotional distress and physical pain or suffering, which could include anguish, stress, anxiety, pain and suffering, loss of sleep, damage to your reputation, and loss of enjoyment of life resulting from harassment.

The second reason we created this kind of place, where people can meet and talk about all things spiritual, was that people came to find me from a Christian LGBT association.

Happened gay know
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