For sure that he will also be gay

Wait what? Show him that you're concerned that those same negative effects might plague him. They have been told, growing up, that they are Gay, a faggot, etc. We grew up getting our jollies off videos on the Internet instead of real sex. In fact, all the research on this topic disagrees with him - but it does sell hope and his books.

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You can just clarify that people love each other in different ways. What does that mean? Some gay rights activists insist that homosexuality is genetic, hoping that proof from that domain will lead to greater acceptance.

They might wonder if they did something to cause their child to be gay — but they shouldn't. And if their child is gay, it may bring a whole new set of questions and concerns. Efforts to change gay people to straight sometimes called "conversion therapy" have been proven to be ineffective and can be harmful.

For sure that he will also be gay
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