Best Gay Fiction

Anticipated LGBTQIA+ YA of 2019 (January-June)

It's not adult behavior. Just to give you a taste of some of my favourites: a trans woman with a uterus transplant finds herself mysteriously pregnant and acquiring Virgin Mary status; a non-binary person finds a mysterious egg that spawns an alien double that looks just like them; a trans woman and a cis woman in love team up to use the latest body swapping technology to their advantage.

Even his books like "Forbidden Colours" or "Confessions of a Mask" that have gay characters I didn't vote for even though I thought they were very good. This book should be required reading for the boys of Old Compton Street. France was very backward in a sense. Neil Bimbeau. And, yes, I realize you were just giving me your opinion on Wilde's work, which I respect, as I am giving you mine.

Then a channel or god- forbid a gay channel will

  • Maybe one of the most subtly LGBT books on this list, you'll catch the references the second time around. Pandora Pine.
  • Ella James. Charity Parkerson.
  • Under the Udala Trees. In this memoir, she talks about her star-studded career, her traditional upbringing, and coming into her own.
  • Rep: black MC, bisexual MC.
Best Gay Fiction

Martin Sherman. Read our interview with Vuong here. LeeAnn 98 books friends.

Best Gay Fiction
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