Austria establishes registered partnership laws for gay couples

British-ruled Hong Kong enacts sodomy laws prescribing life sentences. The Austrian Green Party proposed the civil pact "Zivilpakt" as a somewhat similar model to that of the Social Democrats in With marriage, it was easy to argue for the whole package.

Your facts about provinces first and nation later is correct, but your spin is not. The party also called for opening up marriage to same-sex couples.

Gmojiz produced by Kibo allows users to send gay- themed

But many other European countries in the formerly Communist east — including Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Slovakia — still deny homosexuals the right to enter into any legally recognized union. But forced outing now will be even extended to those occasions where not family-status but family- name has to be provided as in applications for passports, id-cards, driving-licences, registration of dogs etc.

The size of the share belonging to the spouse depends on the co-existing relatives who will inherit.

Austria establishes registered partnership laws for gay couples
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